Service Portfolio

Do you recognise, measure, and manage your business risks?

Risk Management is a major area of focus for all organisations. Ability to identify, measure, mitigate, and provide appropriate risk capital are the new parameters of measuring efficiency of an organisation. Recognising their differential needs, we have classified our services for banking and other corporates.

Banks and Financial Institutions: The requirement for banking sector is generally defined under Basel accord. We help the banking community design models for providing capital for specific risks including Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Market Risk. Liquidity Risk, Country Risk, and many more. We also focus on identifying and designing models for providing capital for various risks. We have worked as consultant to the World Bank in this service area.

Corporate: Alike the banking sector, other corporates needs to have in place a system to profile various risks they are exposed to. We help them to profiling these risks and identifying strategies to face the same. This effort to identify and address risks add to stability and sustainability of the organisation.

Is your accounting system giving you the real picture?

We rely on our accounting system to provide us with meaningful insights that allows us to steer the organisation ahead. Often the accounting system itself suffers from inertia and delivers us reports that are excellent to analyse the past but do not provide any understanding of the future. In this unique service we review your existing accounting system and reinforce them with tools and reports that allows you to define a direction for future.

We are also equipped to handle the challenges arising out of implementation of the International Financial Reporting Standards [IFRS].

Are your IT system and services secure enough?

Ensuring IT Security is a major strategy for risk mitigation for any organisation. Compromises in IT security can lead to huge losses. We use a proprietary IT Security grading methodology “ISecGrade” which reviews various areas of IT security in an entity. Please note that this methodology is available for internal adoption by client organisations without any Royalty and recurring fee.

Tried an tested for over ten years, this methodology reviews more than 40 domains and 1200 control points before according a risk grade to the IT operations of the auditee organisation. The approach is focused on management control and utilises technology as a tool to implement the strategic decisions. easy to implement and more importantly understandable by non-technical persons in management.

Are you using your business information optimally?

Finance must not only support the the organisation by meeting their fund requirement but must also deliver competitive intelligence for them to sustain their success story. In financial intelligence we design financial dashboard using our ComFIn framework to harvest actionable insight from the available information.

This approach stands out from other financial dashboards which essentially use common financial ratios to populate them. Competitive finance focuses on design and implementation of special tools that are not necessarily text book tools but supports performance measurement with a bias towards maintaining them in future.

Are your strategies and policies aligned with time?

Strategies and policies are not supposed to be documents that are bound in leather covers and displayed in the chamber of the chairman. They are expected to provide direction to the organisation in their quest to survive today, tomorrow, and beyond. If your policies are not designed in line with the business requirement they will not provide any direction that are expected of them.

In our unique service of strategy audit we review policies of the auditee and highlight if there are any inconsistencies. We also put forth our suggestions to overcome these weaknesses so that the policies and strategies become the guiding star they are supposed to be.

In addition, we design services according to client requirement.