Our courses are available for your participation from anywhere in the world. You can join our online classes and complete the course requirement for CPE credit, wherever applicable. Decide on the course you wish to join, pay the fees, and enter our anywhere classroom.

Live On-line

These sessions are hosted by an instructor who takes you through the entire session using slides, whiteboards, additional text, and voice support. When you join these sessions you will be intimated of the course schedule and you can join the session from the link that will be provided to you. In order to obtain CPE credit you must attend the course throughout its duration and appear in the certification examination which may be held on-line or off-line. The on-line examination usually comprises of multiple choice questions whereas off-line examination usually comprises of essay type questions.

Self Study

When you cannot join a live session, you can always opt for self study. Under this scheme you will be provided reading material that may be available both on-line and off-line. You will also be provided supplementary on-line support in form of recorded sessions or materials. Once you complete each session you will be invited to join a session quiz. Once the entire material has been read and session tests completed, you can appear for final review which is administered both on-line and off-line. The final review sessions may comprise of multiple choice questions as well as short essay type questions.

All our on-line sessions are available under courses menu.