Our resource persons have authored and contributed to major publications that are helpful to the professional community. Many more such publications are on their way. Have a look at them and you will find them useful.

Understanding and conducting information systems auditing

This book focuses on ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information system resources. The book is enriched with examples and checklists to appeal to a global audience and ensures compliance with includes major standards involving information security. It’s written with a non-technical approach and presents information systems as a management tool. The book is organised in two sections – the first section develops an understanding necessary for conducting information systems audit while the second section provides an edited compilation of checklists that are useful in conducting the audit. The book further introduces a concept of grading information security readiness which the reader may adopt and use in their organisation. This dual feature of developing understanding and putting the knowledge to practice makes the book attractive both to professionals and learners. Published by John Wiley & Sons, the book is available globally.

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Wiley International Financial Reporting Trends

International Financial Reporting Trends provides copious examples of footnote disclosures and financial statement formats, carefully culled from the world’s already compliant IFRS-based reporting entities illustrating the form and content of financial disclosures under IFRS. Arranged topically, this book is a quick source of reference to find answers to issues of interest to financial statement preparers. It bridges the gap in IFRS literature by helping preparers and users of financial statements to expeditiously obtain examples of disclosures. We have contributed to this publication from John Wiley & Sons, the book is available globally.

IFRS Convergence: A Practical Perspectives

Inspired by our first book on the subject, this book is designed as a ready reference for the professional and a first book for the uninitiated. Every standard is discussed under these headings: scope, key concepts, accounting treatments, presentation, and disclosure, model accounting policy, and related interpretations. In addition, there are tips that highlight finer aspects of the standards to promote better understanding of the subject, and a section of key terms containing short explanation of major IFRS related definitions. Published by John Wiley & Sons, the book will shortly be available globally.

Handbook of International Financial Reporting Standards - Converging to IFRS

This book is a product of a research activity undertaken by us. The object of the research was to assess the impact of IFRS on corporate accounting practices in India and assist them in implementing the same. This book has drawn extensively from findings of the research. This book focuses on introducing the readers to IFRS, including their Interpretations. Each of the standards have been described in as much details as a practitioner would need, relevant accounting treatments have been shown, differences from Indian GAAP identified, and select examples provided. The book was published by Book Corporation in India.

Manual on Information System Audit - ISecGrade Checklists

This book is an answer to the long standing demand of the information systems (IS) audit professionals for a material that would not only help them in learning about IS audit but would also help them in conducting it. We have long been involved in research and training in this area with focus on development of an information risk grading methodology and related checklists. The research output, known as ISecGrade Methodology was put into use in various countries. This book makes available to the entire IS audit community the ISecGrade framework and checklists that can be freely adopted or used. The book was published by Book Corporation in India.